Addiction to pills

Drug abuse is not only the problem of people who were once persuaded to try drugs or took them by force. Many patients take painkillers that contain opioids. When used as prescribed, narcotic drugs can rarely cause abuse. It healthcare, they call it a substance use disorder to differentiate the drug abuse caused by prescription drugs. Those misusing prescription painkillers are unable to control or reduce the intake of the substance. They experience common symptoms of addiction trying to stop the use of opioids.
Trying to withdraw from opioids people suffer from muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. These symptoms are medically dangerous taking into account that the patient keeps taking more and more of drugs. The dose and the duration of the period of misuse determine how badly the person feels. To stop the dependence, doctors can arrange detoxification.
There are some substances that can eliminate nasty symptoms of withdrawal and make the recovery safer. It does not require hospitalization, however, rapid detox sessions are performed under anesthesia in specialized treatment centers.

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Genetic screening

A new option in healthcare, genetic testing allows us to identify changes in chromosomes or genes. We need it to confirm or dismiss a genetic condition or the chance it will be passed to children. Several types of genetic tests have been developed so far. Some of them allow scanning single genes or short sections of DNA for possible impairments. Others are made to analyze the entire chromosomes.
Genetic tests are usually performed on a sample of blood, hair, or skin. In newborns, screening is done on a sample of blood. Before taking a test, the person gets basic knowledge about the test and its results. It ends obtaining the permission called informed consent. The result of the test is delivered to the healthcare provider or directly to the consumer.
Whether the results are positive or negative, genetic testing has its benefits. Many people cannot make informed decisions because they do not know for sure whether they are healthy or not. Being aware of their illness, people can better cater to their needs. Knowing that they are healthy, people will not spend more money on additional tests.

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Neural plasticity

The human brain is not a static organ. It constantly develops and creates new neural connections even when the person has long passed adolescence. Our everyday experiences reorganize the structure of the brain, which scientists call neuroplasticity. In most cases, it happens when we learn new things. Neuroplasticity also helps to compensate for the cognitive function lost because of injury. Genetic factor also takes place in brain development though not as active as the environment.
The topic of neural plasticity is very close to that of a brain development. As the brain grows rapidly over the first years of life, it creates thousands of new connections between cells, or synaptic contacts. As we age, some of these connections are lost in the process called synaptic pruning. It cuts weak neural contacts giving a chance only for strong ones to develop further. Weak connections have no purpose to the brain so it has to cut them off as neural plasticity allows it.

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Cognitive impairment

Mild cognitive impairment is not a mental condition yet. It is an intermediate stage between a natural cognitive decline of aging and a serious cognitive loss caused by dementia. People with mild cognitive impairment are at risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. But in fact, many of them never get worse and some even get better. The change in cognitive function is noticeable but it usually does not impair daily life of the elderly people.
All people forget things every now and then, but an increasing concern about one’s cognitive performance may indicate a mild cognitive impairment. In such case, people forget more important things or do it more often. They feel overwhelmed by making decisions and planning tasks or forget conversations, plots of books and movies.
Among the possible reasons for mild cognitive impairment, doctors put shrinkage of the hippocampus, an increase of brain cavities filled with liquid, and the reduced consumption of glucose. Small strokes or the reduced blood flow can be the reason why brain connections do not transmit impulses so well.

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Seizures are a common symptom for patients with epilepsy. However, not all seizures cause convulsion and indicate to a serious brain dysfunction. Basically, seizures are the result of a sudden abnormal electrical activity in the brain. There are several types of seizures, some of them quite mild. Seizures that last up to 2 minutes cannot cause a lasting harm. In emergency cases, seizures last for longer than 5 minutes or the person does not wake between episodes.

There are focal seizures that happen in only one part of the brain and generalized seizures resulting from the abnormal functioning of the entire brain. Focal seizures are very brief and the person usually stays conscious. In case the seizure generated from the entire brain, the patient can lose awareness or even stop breathing for a while.

The problem with seizures is that so many conditions can actually cause them. Stroke, cancer, brain tumors, brain injuries and infections can cause them besides epilepsy. Seizures also happen for less critical reasons. Electrolyte imbalance, low blood sugar, and some medications can cause weird symptoms that can be confused with those of a serious disease.

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World War Z review

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Pepsi vs Coca Cola thesis statement

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